Class Details

The Samarpana difference:

    • Samarpana currently admits students from beginner to advanced levels with a minimum age limit of 6 years.
    • The school is known for maintaining the rich traditions of pure classical Bharatanatyam, and bringing out the best in students.
    • All students will learn yoga concurrently to support their dancing.
    • Students who transfer from other schools will undergo a refresher course in their basic steps (adavus).


Class Timings –



5-6 pm - Beginner 3

6-7 pm – Beginner 2

7-8 pm – Intermediate



5-6 pm - Beginner 3

6-7 pm – Beginner 2

7-8 pm – Intermediate


Saturdays & Sundays:

9-10 am – Intermediate 2, 3 and Senior

10-11 am – Beginner 1

3-4 pm – Intermediate 1


Weekday Morning Classes for adults will be available on request.

Beginner - 1

Basic Bharatanatyam stance, adavu techniques, hand gestures, as well as flexibility, strength, and balance exercises, are introduced.

Beginner – 2

The children will learn some simple songs to use their hand gestures and expressions.

Beginner - 3

Progress to Adavus (steps) of increasing complexity, increased detail in theory. In addition to increasing complexity in technique, theory, students in this level will cover hand-eye coordination, the importance of good posture.

    • Intermediate 1

Students at this level will complete adavu training and graduate to Alarippu. They will start preparing for their Salangai Pooja and will be learning the items required for that.

    • Intermediate 2

Proceeding to expand the student’s repertoire by learning varied items. In addition, they will continue theory lessons, discuss the Bharatanatyam renaissance and nritta/nritya/natya, learn techniques for breath control and stamina/endurance exercises.

    • Intermediate 3

Students in this class will work towards their Arangetram in group and private lessons. Private Classes and Semi private classes are offered to students preparing for Arangetram.


This Post Arangetram Class will delve deeper into the art form.  Students in this class will expand repertoire and handle beginner and intermediate-level classes.