At what age can one enroll for Dance classes?

The starting age for a student to enroll in a Dance class at Samarpana is 6 years. There is no upper
age limit.

My child is 4 OR 5 years old but is very interested in Dance – can I enroll
for the Classes?

You will have to wait till your child turns 6 years old or at least closer to 6 at the start of the Term.
This is so that they are more reciprocative for a dance class environment.
We do not want the child to lose interest in dance as these classes are unlike any of their regular
classes or schools etc and require a certain amount of discipline, concentration and patience. It has
been observed by experience that by the age of 6 they are ideally placed to understand and
appreciate what is taught.

How are the classes conducted?

The classes are conducted in a group environment but offer individual lessons. The students learn
based on their individual ability. As the purpose of learning a Classical Dance is to gain the
theoretical and practical knowledge of the Art form, there is a lot of emphasis on perfection and
hence the effort and interest of the student plays a critical role in the pace of the learning.

What Styles of Dances will be taught in the class?

At Samrpana, Classes are conducted in Bharatanatyam only. The Kalakshetra Style (Bani) of
Bharathanatyam is taught. This style of dancing has a well-balanced Nritta and Abhinaya retaining
the linear geometry of the Kalakshetra style.
Kalakshetra, an arts and cultural academy based in Chennai, India, was founded in January 1936 by
Rukmini Devi Arundale. Under her guidance, the institution achieved national and international
recognition for its unique style and perfectionism. In January 1994, an Act of the Parliament of India
recognised the Kalakshetra Foundation as an “Institute of National Importance.”

I have never danced before; will I still be able to enroll for the classes?

Anyone with an interest to learn can enroll in our classes. Our classes cater for Beginners and
Advanced students.

Where are the classes held?

The Classes are offered both online and offline.
The offline classes are in T Zed Homes, Ramagondanahalli (near Whitefield) Bangalore.

Can you start a class in our area?

Samarpana is committed to spreading the joy of Dance to as many people and localities as we can.
We can start classes at a new Centre provided that, there is sufficient interest in that particular area
for classes (minimum 10 students required). For further information contact us.

How many classes are conducted in a Term?

The term is 3 months. The classes are twice a week of an hour each.

What is the duration of the class?

The class is usually for an hour. As the students are taught in a systematic manner, the class may
be for 30 mins or so for beginners in the initial stages until they gradually progress.

Can I join a class if I have a medical condition?

Make sure that you convey your medical condition to us PRIOR to the commencement of the class
so that we are aware.

What is the size of the class?

The class size varies depending on the level with a mixed group of kids and adults.

I already have a dance background, what level class should I start with?

The teacher will assess your level and based on that, the class level will be determined.
Since many students have lost tough or forgotten, we require those students to commence at a
Beginner level to gain an understanding of the small changes in execution of steps and movements.
However, if there is a past experience, it is noticed that it may not require as much time as it would
for a beginner to complete the basics.